Photo of Prof Thomas Fischer

Prof Thomas Fischer PhD

Professor Geography and Planning


    Personal Statement

    My main research interest is to explore ways for making policies, plans, programmes and project developments more environmentally sustainable. In this context, and based on practical experiences in the private sector, government and research, I have developed a particular interest in strategic environmental assessment and environmental impact assessment, which I believe are currently the only practical instruments available that can lead at achieving more balanced outcomes.

    Personal Distinctions

    • Workshops' organiser (Invitation to Perform, IUCN Pakistan 2012)
    • Fellow (Competitive Fellowship, Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment 2012)
    • Chair of conference opening plnary (Invitation to Perform, IAIA 2011)
    • Visiting Professor (University of Sao Paolo 2011)
    • Visiting Professor (Nankai University, Tianjin, China 2011)
    • Best Paper Award; Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal Journal (International Association for Impact Assessment 2010)
    • Environmental Assessment in Urban Planning (Keynote Speech, Korea Environment Institute 2010)
    • methodological approaches to land use plan SEAs (Keynote Speech, University of Adana 2010)
    • Open cast coal-mining and follow-up; the role of SEA (Keynote Speech, Chinese Government 2009)
    • the European Union and its regulatory role (Keynote Speech, Forum of Federations 2009)
    • Health inclusive SEA in spatial planning (Keynote Speech, WHO 2009)
    • SEA in England – experiences and prospects (Keynote Speech, Korean Environment Institute 2009)
    • Visiting Professor (Utrecht University 2009)
    • Member of EC COST 356 Action ‘Towards the definition of a measurable environmentally sustainable tra (European Commission 2009)
    • the role(s) of (strategic) environmental assessment in ‘greening’ decision making (Invitation to Speak, Utrecht University 2009)
    • The international Importance of EA (Invitation to Speak, German EIA Association 2007)
    • Handling Environmental Impacts (Keynote Speech, Technical University of Berlin 2007)
    • Sustainability Assessment (Keynote Speech, Korean EIA Association 2006)
    • Tour d’horizon sur les définitions de l’ÉES et leur évolution, démonstration des avantages de l’ÉES, (Keynote Speech, Quebec Association for Impact Assessment 2006)
    • Why we need SEA (Keynote Speech, Latin American Environment Units of Transport Ministries 2003)
    • Institutional and Legal Frameworks for the Effective Application of SEA (Keynote Speech, World Bank 2003)
    • Development Plan Oldham – reflecting on a positively perceived SEA (Keynote Speech, Austrian Federal Environment Agency 2003)
    • Associate research member of the Viessmann research centre on modern Europe (Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario 2002)

    Administrative Roles

    • - Head of Department of Geography and Planning

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