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Personal Statement

Academic qualifications
BA: Natural Sciences (Class 1 Honours), Cambridge University, UK 1972-75
MA: Natural Sciences, Cambridge University, UK 1978
PhD: Botany, Cambridge University, UK 1978
Modern pollen representation factors and vegetation history for woods in south-east England. Supervisor H.J.B. Birks
Docent: Forest Ecology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences 1991
Professor: Environmental Sciences, Liverpool University 2005

Current employment
2005- Professor, School of Environmental Sciences, Liverpool University, UK
2012- Adjunct Professor, Ecosystem Science, Lund University, Sweden

Previous employment
1978-1980 Research Associate, Geology, Brown University, USA
1981-82 Research Fellow, Geophysics, Edinburgh University, UK
1982-88 Lecturer, Botany, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
1988-94 Senior Research Council Fellow, Forest Ecology, Sweden
1994-96 Associate Professor, Forest Ecology, SLU, Sweden
1996-2002 State Geologist and Head of Department, Environmental History and Climate Change, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland
2003-05 Senior Researcher, Copenhagen Geocenter, Denmark

Personal Distinctions

  • Adjunct Professor (University of Lund 2012)
  • Visiting Professor LUCCI Fellowship (University of Lund 2011)
  • International Conference (Invitation to Speak, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences 2009)
  • Holocene history of beech and spruce (Invitation to Speak, University of Marburg 2009)
  • Elected Chairperson (European Pollen Database 2008)
  • The Holocene history of Beech (Keynote Speech, International Union of Forest Research Organisations 2008)
  • Global change and challenges for genetic and ecological research of forest ecosystems (Keynote Speech, Zvolen Technical University, Slovakia 2007)
  • Co-ordinator of the European Pollen Database (European Pollen Community 2007)
  • Expert advisor (Invitation to Speak, European Union, UNEP and IUCN 2006)
  • Keynote speaker (Invitation to Speak, QUEST and IGCP 2006)
  • Invited Keynote Speaker at International Conference (Keynote Speech, Nordic Council of Science 2005)
  • Bulgarian Academy of Science, Sofia (Invitation to Speak, Bulgarian Academy of Science 2004)
  • Invited Keynote Speaker at International Conference (Keynote Speech, European Commission 2003)
  • Invited Keynote Speaker at International Conference (Keynote Speech, European Commission 2002)
  • Invited Speaker at sponsored symposium in honour of Prof. M.B. Davis (Invitation to Speak, Ecological Society of America 2001)
  • Invited Keynote Speaker at International Conference (Keynote Speech, Mountain Forest Ecology Group, ETH Zurich 2001)
  • One of top 10 Swedish forest research contributions relevant for next century (Sveriges Skogsvårdsförbund 2000)
  • Vega Medal Lecturer, Uppsala University 1998 (Swedish Geographical Society 1998)
  • Senior Research fellowship (Competitive Fellowship, Swedish Science Research Council 1988)

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