Photo of Dr Rachel Jeffreys

Dr Rachel Jeffreys

Earth, Ocean and Ecological Sciences


    Research Interest 1

    Primary research questions include:

    What are the primary factors controlling the quality and quantity of organic matter reaching the seafloor?

    Can we detect climatic variation in the quantity/quality of organic matter reaching the seafloor?

    How does variation in the supply of organic matter to the seafloor and long-term changes in benthic community structure at the seafloor impact benthic trophodynamics?

    Do benthic fauna feed/assimilate on organic matter selectively? What are the impact of this for co-exisiting species and organic matter cycling?

    How is organic matter utilized and transformed by benthic communities?

    In order to address these research questions I use a variety of biochemical tools such as: stable carbon and nitrogen analyses, lipid and pigment biomarkers and compound-specific isotope analsyes.

    Research Grants
    • Can we detect changes in Arctic ecosystems?
    • Climate change, food webs, energy flow and ecosystem function in the deep sea

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