Professor Peter North

Professor of Alternative Economies Geography and Planning


    Personal Statement

    Peter North is Professor of Alternative Economies at the University of Liverpool, UK. He gained his BA in History and Politics in 1984, his MA in Peace Studies from the University of Bradford (1993) and his PhD from the School for Advanced Urban Studies at the University of Bristol (1997). His current research focuses on social and solidarity economies as tools for constructing and rethinking alternative geographies of money, entrepreneurship, and livelihoods. His recent research focus is on these ideas in contemporary Poland. He has also researched and published on low carbon transitions at the city and community level, especially processes of policy formation and partnership working between the public, private and community sectors around strategies for local economic development within an overall framework of resource constraint, climate change and economic crisis. He contrasts this with a focus on more radical politics of climate change, especially ecologically-focused social movements engaged in struggles about the implications of anthropogenic climate change and resource constraints for both humans and the wider ecosystems upon which we depend. In this way he is interested both in how we might challenge problematic practices, and develop better ways to live ‘well’.