Photo of Ms Lindsay Davies

Ms Lindsay Davies

SoES Management Services Team Leader School of Environmental Sciences


    Personal Statement

    I have worked in the School since December 2009 and in the institution for over 30 years. I started in the role as the PA to the Dean and Head of Operations and slowly over time built the team to eight members of staff that are able to support you while you are here.

    The Management Services Team's operational remit for the School is large and varied and includes PA support, event management, student recruitment activities and support, marketing and communications (including digital), estates and facilities management and logistics, resource planning (including Academic Portfolio Planning support), EDI and wellbeing, and project management support e.g. co-location, Athena Swan. The Team also support all of the Human Resources administration within the School including the administration for the recruitment and appointment process, induction and leavers, PDR support and annual review.

    Broadly speaking we support People and Environment and Marketing and Communication and as a team we want to help to make School staff feel valued and provide a high level if support, maintain the school’s estates and facilities and promote reputation and brand through our Marketing and Communications. Supporting the well-being of our staff and students and making us all feel safe is an important part of the Management Services Team.

    We are a team that can help you from furniture through to well-being so please feel free to contact us and please look through the teams Bios and this will explain each person’s role a little easier.

    We have two sub-teams

    People and Operations Sub-Team: can help support you from the physical environment you are working in to any visits, conference, forum internal, open days, discovery and national/international conferences. This team can be contacted via

    -Artemis Mermigki, Colette Campbell, Kay Martin and Matthew Davies

    Marketing and Communications Sub-Team: Can help support any marketing digital or design, open days, discovery and national/international conferences diagrams and designs for research paper and books. We also have an array of maps that is held by our Map curator. This sub-team can be contacted via

    -Tinho Da Cruz, Jamie Hughes and Alison Barkley

    If there is anything you feel is confidential and you just need to chat with someone please feel free to contact me personally or Rebecca and I via