Photo of Dr Katy Chamberlain

Dr Katy Chamberlain BSc (Hons), MGeol, PhD, FHEA

Lecturer Earth, Ocean and Ecological Sciences


Research Overview

As a volcanologist and igneous petrologist I specialise in studying volcanic systems using field survey and micro-analytical geochemical techniques. I am particularly interested in studying magmatic processes, and their timescales, that are related to assembly, evolution and eruptive triggering.

Current active areas of interest include:

Developing petrological monitoring protocols to forecast eruption cessation, using the 2021 Tajogaite eruption from La Palma as a case study. NERC Urgency Grant, in collaboration with Matt Pankhurst (INVOLCAN), Jane Scarrow (Granada), Dan Morgan (Leeds), David Neave (Manchester) and James Hickey (Exeter).

Constraining the tectonic controls of magmatic processes in the Southern Volcanic Zone (SVZ) of Chile. Completed Global Partnership Seedcorn Fund (NERC, UK) in collaboration with Dan Morgan (Leeds), Luis Lara (SERNAGEOMIN) and Eleonora Rivalta (GFZ-Potsdam).

Using accessory phases to understand the duration of magmatic storage and the recycling of crystals in low volume ocean island magmatic plumbing systems- in collaboration with Jane Scarrow (Granada).

Magmatic evolution in the Antillanca volcanic complex in collaboration with Lucy McGee (Adelaide) and Luis Lara (SERNAGEOMIN).

Understanding caldera systems- timescales, process and evolution with a particular focus on the Bishop Tuff and its post-supereruptive recovery.

Studying the structure and evolution of ocean island volcanoes: How ocean island volcanoes originate, the structure and mechanisms by which they build their edifices and the evolution of their magmatic systems is poorly understood with particular focus on La Palma, Ascension Island and Oki-Dozen.

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