Photo of Professor Jonathan Sharples

Professor Jonathan Sharples

Professor of Ocean Sciences Earth, Ocean and Ecological Sciences


    Personal Statement

    I am an oceanographer teaching and carrying out research at the boundary between physical and biological oceanography. I am interested in how the physical processes in the ocean (tides, weather, internal waves, ocean currents) control the growth, distribution and characteristics of plankton populations. I do this in the context of both plankton as the base of marine food chains and plankton as key players in shaping Earth's climate. Most of my work focuses on the shallow, productive shelf seas. I use my research at sea on research ships directly in my teaching, providing examples to illustrate important ocean processes and data for student assignments and research projects.

    I am currently the Programme Director for our undergraduate degrees in Ocean Science, Geography and Oceanography, Marine Biology with Oceanography, and Maths with Ocean and Climate Science.