Photo of Dr Jonathan Green

Dr Jonathan Green PhD

Senior Lecturer in Marine Biology Earth, Ocean and Ecological Sciences


Programme Director for BSc Environmental Science

If you are interested in the wider issues affecting the environment and how real solutions to those problems will come from a broad understanding of the physical environment, our degree programme in Environmental Science is for you. In particular we focus on the development of skills and do fieldwork whenever we possibly can! Click here for more information on the programme

Modules for 2022-23

Contemporary Issues in Ecology and Marine Biology

Module code: ENVS301

Role: Module Co-ordinator

Dissertation (Geography & Environmental Science)

Module code: ENVS321

Role: Teaching

Dissertation (MMarBiol)

Module code: ENVS496

Role: Teaching

Independent Research Project

Module code: ENVS306

Role: Teaching

Laboratory and Field Techniques for Ecologists

Module code: ENVS171

Role: Teaching

Life in the Seas and Oceans

Module code: ENVS121

Role: Module Co-ordinator

Marine Biology Honours Field Class

Module code: ENVS303

Role: Module Co-ordinator

Marine Ecophysiology, Ecology and Exploitation

Module code: ENVS251

Role: Teaching

Mastering Marine Biology

Module code: ENVS406

Role: Module Co-ordinator

Research Skills (Geography and Environmental Science)

Module code: ENVS203

Role: Teaching

Research and Career Skills

Module code: ENVS204

Role: Teaching

Study Skills and GIS

Module code: ENVS100

Role: Teaching

Surviving the Marine Environment: Adaptation, Behaviour and Conservation

Module code: ENVS310

Role: Module Co-ordinator