Photo of Dr John Boyle

Dr John Boyle B.Sc. Ph.D.

Lecturer Geography and Planning


    My teaching covers a range of topics including environmental chemistry, hillslope hydrology and limnology. I also teach a number a practical skills, most notably in the year 1 CTL practical classes, and have been involved heavily in the development of our field teaching program.
    In all of my teaching I believe that hand-on experience, when supported by appropriate written materials, provides the best foundation for learning. I also feel very strongly that physical geography should have its foundations in the field. I am also a firm supporter of the use of simple computer-based formative assessment, as a means of providing immediate feedback on skills or knowledge based learning.

    Modules for 2023-24

    Advanced Geology and Geology-Physical Geography Project

    Module code: ENVS405

    Role: Teaching

    Carbon, Nutrients and Climate Change Mitigation

    Module code: ENVS381

    Role: Teaching

    Dissertation (Geography & Environmental Science)

    Module code: ENVS321

    Role: Teaching

    Dissertation - Environmental Sciences

    Module code: ENVS490

    Role: Teaching

    Field Class (Santa Cruz)

    Module code: ENVS352

    Role: Module Co-ordinator

    Research Skills (Geography and Environmental Science)

    Module code: ENVS203

    Role: Teaching

    Soils, Slopes and the Environment

    Module code: ENVS238

    Role: Teaching