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EM Prof Stan Van Den Berg PhD, MSc eng

Professor School of Environmental Sciences


Personal Statement

The research interests of van den Berg are generally in the biogeochemistry of natural waters. More specifically, he has been involved in establishing interactions between biota, metals and specific organic compounds. Examples are complexation of metals with organic ligands occurring in seawater or lakes, and the release of such ligands by marine microorganisms.

Secondly he is interested in electroanalytical chemistry of metals, contaminants and organic compounds of environmental importance to fathom their distribution and reactions. He has developed methods for the determination of copper, iron, chromium, arsenic, nitrite, ammonium, thiols (glutathione, cysteine) and other compounds in seawater. Recently his in-situ metal sensor has been monitoring copper in Liverpool Bay.

Personal Distinctions

  • Talk on "Microelectrodes for arsenic..." at the Chemistry Dept of Southampton University (Invitation to Speak, Chemistry Dept, Southampton University 2007)
  • Member of committee of the Electroanalytical Group of the RSC (Royal Soc of Chem, Electroanalytical group 2007)
  • Talk on Iron complexation by humic substances (Invitation to Speak, Galway, Ireland 2007)
  • Talk on Arsenic speciation (Invitation to Speak, Chemistry Department, Aberdeen University 2007)
  • Invited speaker at international conference (Invitation to Speak, 89th Canadian Chemistry Conference 2006)
  • Keynote talk: New potentials in the determination and speciation of metals in natural waters (Keynote Speech, Igal Bar-Ilan, Chairman, ISRANALYTICA 2006 2006)
  • World leading group in development and application of methods for metal speciation in natural waters (No award 2006)
  • Invited talk (Invitation to Speak, Meeting organisers 2003)
  • Keynote talk at international conference "Photochemical reactions of metals in estuarine waters" (Keynote Speech, Conference organisers 2002)
  • Keynote talk at international conference ¿Determination of metal speciation¿ (Keynote Speech, Conference organisers 2002)
  • Received two Marie Curie Host Fellowships (Competitive Fellowship, Marie Curie Programme of the EU 2002)
  • Keynote talk at international conference "Chemical speciation of biogenic metals in ocean waters" (Keynote Speech, conference organisers 2000)
  • Royal Society of Chemistry Award (Royal Society of Chemistry 1996)

Administrative Roles

  • Examination representative, Oceans group
  • Erasmus exchanges, for the School

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