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Research Interests

Current research focuses on modelling and monitoring in support of coastal decision-making. Research expertise also lies in coastal geomorphology and environmental change over a range of timescales, including: exploring the sediment record of past coastal change; use of particle size analysis in estuaries and lagoon as a tool for environmental reconstruction; and interpreting the submarine record of coastal change in response to accelerated sea-level rise.

Research Group Membership
Research Grants
  • Impact of climate change on the water cycle and ecosystem functioning at the river basin scale
  • Training Workshop for practicioners to discuss the economic valuation manual for regulating services
  • Global Eco Innovation
  • Future vulnerability of evolving barrier coastlines - the impacts for flood risk management
  • Physical and biological dynamic coastal processes and their role in coastal recovery (BLUE-coast)
  • EPSRC Institutional Sponsorship 2016
  • Urban and Community Transformation KE Fellow appointment
  • Coastal Flooding by Extreme Events (CoFEE)
  • Salt Intrusion into Estuaries Related to Global Climate Change.
  • Impact Acceleration Account - University of Liverpool 2012
  • The evolution and landscape history of Dungeness Foreland.
  • The Centre for Global Eco-Innovation
  • Testing the apatite depletion hypothesis for early Holocene ecosystem acidification using the lake sediment record at Krakenes, Norway
  • Integrated COASTal sediments system (iCOAST)
  • Sustainable river catchments for the South East (SURCaSE) Project LIFE04 ENV/UK/807
  • Aggregate extraction in the Ribble Valley.
  • New approaches to managing ecosystem services in the marine environment
  • The Mkuze Wetland, South Africa - understanding the system and establishing baselines and recent trends.
  • Sandscaping for Mitigating Coastal Flood and Erosion Risk: Dungeness Nuclear Energy Infrastructure
  • Celtic Seas Partnership
  • Adaptation and Resilience of Coastal Energy Supply (ARCOES)
  • Linking the structural and optical properties of biogenic silica.
Research Collaborations

Hodgson D


NERC-funded collaboration on CoFEE project.

Barham L


Collaborative research on Luangwa Valley Project

Frid C


NERC-ESRC TRansdisciplinary Seminar Series

Kidd S


ESRC-NERC Transdisciplinary Seminar Series

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