Photo of Prof Andy Morse

Prof Andy Morse Ph.D. (Physics)

Professor of Climate Impacts Geography and Planning


Applications of climate data to health

climate applications, ensemble prediction systems, seasonal forecasts, uncertainty, business applications of climate data, disease models, malaria, boundary layer meteorology, turbulence, Africa, India, West African monsoon, meningitis, forests.

Research Group Membership
Research Grants
  • One Health Research Network for the Horn of Africa (HORN)
  • Impact of El Niño on malaria vector dynamics in Tanzania and Malawi: observation improvement and unleashing forecasting potential
  • Development of a European multi-model Ensemble System for Seasonal to Interannual Prediction (DEMETER).
  • Improving projections for the future of bluetongue and its vectors under scenarios of climate and environmental change
  • Predicting the effects of climate change on infectious diseases of animals
  • Enhancing the public understanding of epidemics: a pilot study in preparing and testing learning materials for school and college students and teachers.
  • African monsoon multidisciplinary analysis (AMMA).
  • Ghana/Tanzania - UK Science Networking Scheme
  • Environmental application of NERC data
  • End-to-end Quantification of Uncertainty for Impacts Prediction (EQUIP)
  • Risk assessment of the impact of climate change on human health and well-being
  • African monsoon multidisciplinary analyses - UK (AMMA-UK).
  • Quantifying Weather and Climate Impacts on Health in Developing Countries (QWeCI)
  • Healthy Futures
  • ENSEMBLE-based predictions of climate changes and their impacts (ENSEMBLES).
Research Collaborations

Prof. Mike Begon


Rodent population dynamics and climate variablity controls

Prof. Matthew Baylis


Animal health and climate change. Leverhulme proposal submitted.

Dr. John Mitchell

External: The Met. Office


Prof. Ed Maltby


Climate variablity and water resources impacts on ecosystem services

Dr Ian Hastings


Malaria modelling work in Tanzania driven by seasonal forecasts

Dr. Phillip McCall


Vector borne diseases.

Dr. Madeleine Thomson

External: International Research Institute for Climate and Society

Collaboration on EU DEMETER and EU ENSEMBLES projects and through AMMA International project

Dr. Yves Brunet

External: INRA Bordeaux-Aquitaine

Wind damage in forests GIP EcoFor project and previosu collaboration

Dr. Tim Palmer, FRS

External: European Centre for Medium Range Forecasting

Working on end-to-end integration of forecasts from ensemble prediction systems and the application to end user and impacts studies for both humanitarian and industrial/commercial benifit.

Dr. Barry Gardiner

External: Forest Research, Forestry Commission

NERC CASE Studentships and French GIP-EcoFor funded wind damge project

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