Photo of Dr Alex Nurse

Dr Alex Nurse Ph.D, MPlan, FHEA

Senior Lecturer Geography and Planning


An Introduction to Planning

I teach Town and Country Planning: An Introduction. If you are a first year student on a Planning course this will be the first module you will take learning about how our planning system works.

Statistics and Mapping

My other core teaching area is on the Masters provision where I teach about how to use statistics and mapping (Geographical Information Systems) to illustrate the world around us, and to link this data to policy outcomes.

If you take this module, you will learn how to access what data is out there, prepare it and create any number of visualisations.

I have used these skills across my own career, where my mapping regularly features in my own publications. I

Modules for 2023-24

Dissertation (Geography & Environmental Science)

Module code: ENVS321

Role: Teaching

Research Skills (Geography and Environmental Science)

Module code: ENVS203

Role: Teaching

Town and Country Planning: An Introduction

Module code: ENVS110

Role: Module Co-ordinator

Trends, Outcomes and Impacts

Module code: ENVS469

Role: Module Co-ordinator

Understanding Place

Module code: ENVS105

Role: Teaching

Urban and Environmental Economics

Module code: ENVS155

Role: Module Co-ordinator

Urban and Regional Regeneration Project

Module code: ENVS384

Role: Teaching