Bespoke CPD

Our bespoke training and development courses are the solution to the challenges faced by businesses, created and delivered specifically for you.

Every business is unique, with a unique set of challenges. If you have identified a skills or knowledge gap, or a specific challenge not covered by our range of strategic development programmes, we can work with you to design and develop a specialist, bespoke programme, using all the resources that the University has to offer.

We’ll begin the process by spending time together to establish good understanding on both sides so we learn not only how the business works and the specific challenges it faces but also practicalities like the amount of time that employees can spend out of the business and the impact this has.

We’ll use our expertise and experience to work with you to develop something impactful, bringing together departments from across the university to form the most appropriate team that will add the most value. We can deliver the learning online or face to face, at your place of work or you can enjoy the world-class facilities on campus.

Throughout the process, we’ll work in collaboration, either on a one-off basis or establishing an ongoing relationship which adds maximum value because we can develop a deep understanding of how your company works and develop tailored learning.

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Workforce development courses informed by industry

Our range of strategic workplace development courses have been created by our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) team to address the issues that businesses face today - whether that is a gap in leadership skills or making the most of big data.

We are in constant dialogue with our extensive contacts in the business world, plus our strategic development partners, so we can understand the most common business challenges or skills gaps and anticipate upcoming issues. Then we bring together the appropriate resources from across the University to offer high quality teaching in a professional learning environment with unbeatable facilities and teaching materials. The content of our courses is always evolving in line with our business insight and the results of our own academic research.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? If you have identified a business challenge not covered by our range of development programmes, we can put together a unique proposition tailored to your business.

Addressing tomorrow’s business challenges today

The business world is constantly evolving and our new workforce development themes have been informed by feedback from our business network about the skills needed among their workforce and the concerns they face around current or future issues affecting their industry.

The University of Liverpool has a reputation for being at the forefront of academic research and our academics are always uncovering new solutions and knowledge in new areas. The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) team aligns this internal development with insight from new and existing customers to develop courses offering solutions to crucial issues facing businesses today and into the future.

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