What I enjoyed the most was conducting a genome-wide study on real-life data from the UK Biobank, which I undertook as part of my dissertation. It was great to work with academics in and across departments on this project, learn valuable research skills and work on developing the research idea into a full publication.  

, MSc Health Data Science
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Explore our living well research
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Starting well, living well, ageing well

Using everything from next-generation genetic sequencing to powerful clinical diagnostics and treatments, our work is transforming millions of lives from birth to adulthood.

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Digital innovation

Get ready to be at the forefront of global healthcare innovation. Liverpool is leading the way in health data science, with world-renowned courses breaking new ground in manipulating big data.

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Personalised health

Our world leading personalised health research paves the way for uniquely treating individuals based on their genetics and other health data.

Graduate Loyalty Advancement Scholarship

Completed your undergraduate degree, or studied as an undergraduate exchange student, at the University of Liverpool?

You could get a loyalty discount of up to £2,500 off your master’s tuition fees from September 2024 entry.

  • £1,500 tuition fee discount for eligible UK University of Liverpool graduates
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If you’re a new international student starting a master’s course with us from September 2024, you could be eligible to receive a discount of £7,500 off your tuition fees.

Postgraduate Opportunity Bursary

Recipients must have been in receipt of one of the University’s Widening Access Awards as an undergraduate.

UK University of Liverpool graduates who have graduated in the last two years and are progressing to a standard master’s course, including MRes programmes, in 2023.

Graduates must have been in receipt of the University’s Widening Access Award during their undergraduate studies i.e.

Liverpool Bursary
Mature Students’ Bursary
Liverpool Scholars’ Award
Realising Opportunities Award
North Liverpool Academy Scholarship
Estranged Students’ Bursary
Young Adult Carers’ Bursary
Care Leaver’s Opportunity Bursary
The Liverpool Life Sciences UTC Scholarship
Recipients of the Asylum Seekers Bursary who now have a ‘home’ fee status classification.


Whether you're looking to gain new skills, enhance your knowledge, or stay up to date with the latest developments in your sector, let us introduce you to our exciting range of courses.

Bioinformatics MSc

Bioinformatics MSc

Develop skills in bioinformatics, statistical analysis and computing and work with complex biological data from genomic, proteomic and metabolomic studies. This hands-on MA is underpinned by practical experience.

  • Start date: 23 September 2024
  • Full-time: 12 months
Biotechnology MSc

Biotechnology MSc

Hone your skills in biomaging, bioinformatics and statistical analysis ready for a career as a professional scientist. This MSc introduces novel tools and approaches to contemporary challenges in life sciences.

  • Start date: 23 September 2024
  • Full-time: 12 months
Emerging Infections and Pandemics MSc

Emerging Infections and Pandemics MSc

Lab work, mathematical modelling and outbreak scenario role-play are all features of this MSc. We’ll prepare you for a career helping to control the spread of infectious diseases in a highly connected world.

  • Start date: 23 September 2024
  • Full-time: 12 months
Health Data Science MSc

Health Data Science MSc

Discover how to collect, interpret and present health data. Using statistical analysis, data visualisation and digital technologies, you’ll learn how to identify data-driven enhancements to health care interventions.

  • Start date: 23 September 2024
  • Full-time: 12 months