Postgraduate research student Tansholpan Zhanabekova.

The research community at the University of Liverpool exhibits diversity in terms of cultures, ethnicities, genders, and more. Being a part of such a community allows for the opportunity to learn from different perspectives and develop a deeper understanding and connection with diverse individuals. In today's world, diversity is prevalent everywhere, and the University of Liverpool is no exception to this trend.

Watch video: Ebru Calin interview
Postgraduate researcher Ebru Calin.

Ebru Calin interview

Watch video: Filippo Dall’Armellina interview
Postgraduate researcher Filippo Dall'Armellina.

Filippo Dall’Armellina interview

Watch video: Dr Veenu Gupta interview
Postgraduate researcher Dr Veenu Gupta.

Dr Veenu Gupta interview

Watch video: Dawid Rybak interview
Postgraduate researcher Dawid Rybak.

Dawid Rybak interview

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