Saturday courses

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the time to commit fully to a weekly CE course. Our Saturday courses are the perfect way to dip your toe into adult education, without having to commit long term. Our courses take place online within our virtual classroom. 

Shakespeare on the Couch: Hamlet

Looking into what is perhaps the greatest of all Shakespeare’s plays to examine how language is used to express and explore new concepts of interiority and identity, questions of madness, hysteria and the uncanny, and to ask what exactly is Hamlet’s ‘problem’? With Dr Kate O'Leary & David Rice, Saturday 13 March, 10am-1pm.

Beyond rationality: how superstition affects investment decisions

Superstitions are irrational trains of thought that can affect a large variety of decisions in our lives; surprisingly, however, not much is known about their role in investors’ decision making. This course offers a detailed overview of superstitions in terms of their behavioural foundations and typology, before providing a concise review of the empirical evidence from international financial markets on their presence and the potential for their profitable exploitation. With Vasileios Kallinterakis, Saturday 13 March, 10am-1pm.

Song Writing Day School

An intensive introduction to songwriting day school aimed at beginners to intermediate level musicians. Workshops aims to provide students with the fundamental knowledge and techniques used in song writing in order to create their own songs and compositions. No prior knowledge of music theory or song writing is required to take this course. This course is open to musicians of any instrument. With Neil Mellor, Saturday 13 March, 10am-1pm.

Liverpool’s Queer Culture

For generations, Queer history has been erased, pushed to the side, and overlooked. But queer people have always existed, contributed to society, and deserve to have their story told. In Liverpool’s Queer History, we will discuss the queer people who have helped to shape this city, and the areas of Liverpool which have helped to define the LGBTQ+ community, and vice versa. So, whether you’re an expert in queer history, or just want to learn more, this workshop is worth attending. The event includes a short tour in the City too. With Marcella Rick, Saturday 13 March, 10am-1pm.

Garden Planting Essentials: Planting styles & combinations

Discover the essential elements of planting design. Learn how to choose and combine plants, creating stunning borders and get a step closer to your ideal garden. This course is the second part of our three part Garden Design Essentials series, covering all the key elements of designing your own garden or backyard. With Andy Lambie, Saturday 13 March & Saturday 20 March, 10am-1pm

An Introduction to Garden History

Gardens have longed played an important part in society. This talk explores their evolution, from Pompey to the present day. We will ‘visit’ the great formal gardens of Versailles, the magic of the eighteenth century gardens of Rousham and the garden rooms of twentieth century Hidcote. Learn about everything from gloomy grottoes to elevated eye catchers! A tour of Ness Botanic Gardens is included. With Nick Lightfoot, Saturday 13 March, 10am-1pm.

Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy

This course will cover speculative and fantastic fiction of all kinds, from magical realism to space opera and high fantasy to hard science. Readings, discussions and practical workshops will help you discover how to build the world you need to explore the themes and ideas that fire your imagination. With Emma Segar, Saturday 13 March, 10am-1pm