Dr Yannis Tzioumakis Ph.D, MA, Ptycheion (BA equivalent)

Reader in Film and Media Industries Communication and Media


    Personal Statement

    Yannis Tzioumakis is Reader in Film and Media Industries in the Department of Communication and Media, School of the Arts. He teaches courses American independent cinema and on the political economy of global entertainment with particular emphasis on the place of film in it. His research focuses on six main areas: a) American independent cinema; b) The place of Hollywood in global entertainment; c) cinema and youth cultures; d) the B film as a platform for creative filmmaking; e) political filmmaking especially in the US; and f) Greek cinema with an emphasis on industrial issues and practices.

    His publications include 4 monographs, all focusing on aspects of American independent cinema, 5 co-edited collection that range from examining Greek cinema to American independent cinema, to political filmmaking, to the Hollywood Renaissance and the film Dirty Dancing and its place in popular culture. These books have been published with leading publishers, including: Routledge, Edinburgh University Press, Wayne State University Press, Bloomsbury Academic and the University of Chicago Press.

    Yannis' work has also appeared in a number of key journals, including: Screen, Velvet Light Trap, Film History, Studies in Documentary Film, The New Review of Film and Television Studies, the International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics and the French Revue Française d'Etudes Américaines. His work has also appeared in numerous edited collections focusing on filmmakers such as John Sayles, David Mamet, Steven Soderbergh, Edgar G. Ulmer, Joseph H. Lewis, Jacques Tourneur, Spike Jonze and John Hughes and in topics ranging from Hollywood and media convergence to the ways in which independent film travels outside the US.

    Yannis has also been co-editing 3 book series. American Indies (Edinburgh University Press) has published five volumes on key US independent films, such as Lost in Translation and Memento. Cinema and Youth Cultures (Routledge) has published seven volumes on well-known youth films such as Clueless, Grease, Boyhood, The Virgin Suicides and The Hunger Games. The Routledge Hollywood Centenary (Routledge) is a series on the 100 year histories of the major Hollywood studios. The first book in this series, MGM, was published in 2018.

    Yannis is also on the editorial and advisory boards of several journals (Media Industries, Journal of Greek Media and Culture, Transnational Cinemas) book series (ReFocus) and research projects, while he is also the co-organiser and co-host of the Liverpool Film Seminar. His current projects include: co-authoring Acting Indie for Palgrave Macmillan, co-authoring Rock Around the Clock as part of his Cinema and Youth Cultures series, an article on the first Hollywood runaway film productions in Greece and an article on the US independent film distribution landscape.

    Yannis can offer PhD supervision on areas related to American independent cinema, contemporary Hollywood and entertainment industry business, while he will also consider proposals on particular aspects of Greek cinema, exploitation filmmaking and young people on film. He is currently supervising a PhD on AAA video games and the ways in which film theory can help us understand the field.

    Personal Distinctions

    • The Independent Film Project and the Mainstreaming of American Independent Cinema (Keynote Speech, Independent States Conference 2014)
    • Adapting Oleanna for Screen: Independent Cinema and Film Adaptation (Keynote Speech, Belgian Luxemburg American Studies Association and the Language and Literature Department of the Vrije Universiteit Brussels: Crossings - David Mamet's Work in Different Media and Genres conference 2008)
    • Funded Research Assessor (University of Crete, Greece 2011)
    • Funded Research Assessor (Greek Ministry of Education 2010)
    • The End of Indiewood or Its Further Integration with Hollywood? “The Great Studio Pullback” of the l (Invitation to Speak, University of Exeter Research Seminar 2013)
    • Dirty Dancing and American Independent Cinema (Invitation to Speak, University of Bourgogne, France 2013)
    • An Accidental Experiment: Dirty Dancing (1987) and the Convergence between Hollywood and American In (Invitation to Speak, Goldsmiths University Research Seminar 2013)
    • The Complications of Independence: Specialty Filmmaking in the Age of Studio Divisions (Invitation to Speak, University of Portsmouth Research Seminar 2012)
    • A Cinema of Games: Narration and the Con Game Film”, (Invitation to Speak, School of Theatre and Musicology, University of Crete, Rethymnon, Greece 2012)
    • “Inventing Indiewood: Dirty Dancing (1987) between Corporate Hollywood and American Independent Cine (Invitation to Speak, University of Glamorgan Research Seminar 2012)
    • American Independent Cinema and the First Wave of Classics Divisions (Invitation to Speak, Oxford Brookes University Research Seminar 2011)
    • The Con Artist Film Outside Hollywood: Regional Variations of An American Genre (Invitation to Speak, University of Liverpool Research Seminar 2009)
    • Conning all over the world:Con artist and con game films outside Hollywood (Invitation to Speak, The University of Salford Research Seminar 2008)
    • How American Independent Cinema can be used to debate questions of academic freedom (Invitation to Speak, Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham 2008)

    Administrative Roles

    • Director of Postgraduate Research, School of the Arts (since 1 September 2017)
    • Director of Postgraduate Research, Department of Communication and Media (Dec 2010 - Aug 2012 and Aug 2013 - Aug 2017)
    • Exchange Student Coordinator, Department of Communication and Media (2010-2016)
    • Academic Lead for Postgraduate Research in the School of the Arts (Jan-Dec 2011)
    • Postgraduate Research Coordinator (Recruitment), School of the Arts (Jan 2012-Aug 2013)

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