Dr Beatriz Garcia PhD

Senior Research Fellow in Sociology School of the Arts


    Personal Statement

    Beatriz is a researcher in urban sociology with a focus on cultural policy and event-led regeneration. Since 2011, she is Head of Research at the Institute of Cultural Capital, a joint initiative of the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University. Beatriz joined the School of Sociology and Social Policy in April 2006 as director of Impacts 08 – The Liverpool Model, a longitudinal research programme into the impact of Liverpool becoming European Capital of Culture in 2008. Before joining the school, Beatriz was a RCUK academic fellow at the Centre for Cultural Policy Research, University of Glasgow, where she spent four years refining a model for the longitudinal assessment of the cultural impacts of major events and festivals and their role within urban regeneration processes. Her research approach focuses on the analysis of city narratives (including institutional city marketing/branding, media representations and individual interpretations) and their effect on local self-perceptions and national or international image projection. Beatriz is currently in charge of the assessment of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad legacy for the Arts Council England and UK Department of Culture, Media and Sport, and reviewing the long term effects of the over 35 years of the European Capital of Culture Programme for the European Parliament. She is the author of 'The Olympic Games and Cultural Policy' (Routledge 2012) and editor of ‘Culture @ the Olympics’ magazine.

    Personal Distinctions

    • Opening Keynote: Spaces and Places of Culture (Keynote Speech, Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association 2013)
    • Member of Select Committee (World Design Capital 2012)
    • Permanent Member, Science and Research Advisory Committee (UK Department of Culture, Media and Sport 2009)
    • Guest Speaker: 9th Session of National Olympic Academy and National Olympic Committee Presidents (Invitation to Speak, The International Olympic Academy 2008)
    • The Olympic Legacy: People, Place, Enterprise (Keynote Speech, University of Greenwich 2008)
    • Looking in on the City. Who is in and who is out?, (Invitation to Speak, BA Festival of Science 2008)
    • Polish Cities and Regions Promotion Festival (Keynote Speech, City of Warsaw 2008)
    • Member of International Olympic Committee Postgraduate Grant Research Committee (International Olympic Committee 2008)
    • European Culture Contact Points Meeting (Keynote Speech, Euclid 2008)
    • Leisure Studies Association Conference (Keynote Speech, Liverpool John Moores University 2008)
    • The Olympic Arts Festival, International Symposium (Keynote Speech, University of Chicago 2008)
    • The Big Question : The Changing Role of Research in Bidding for, and Measuring the Impact of, Large- (Keynote Speech, Arts Research Digest 2008)
    • Eurocities Culture Forum (Keynote Speech, Eurocities 2008)
    • 9th Joint International Session for Presidents or Directors of National Olympic Academies and Offici (Keynote Speech, International Olympic Academy 2008)
    • London 2012 Regional Creative Programmers (Invitation to Speak, London Organising Commitee for the Olympic Games 2008)
    • Centennial Dinner of the Royal Society of Arts (Keynote Speech, Royal Society of Arts 2008)
    • National Creative Industries Conference (Keynote Speech, Civic Agenda 2008)
    • After the Event: Culture and Sport, Access and Legacies (Keynote Speech, Substance (Manchester) 2008)
    • Developing the Evidence Base for Culture in Regeneration (Keynote Speech, DCMS 2008)
    • Members of European Parliament meeting (Invitation to Speak, Liverpool City Council 2008)
    • Member of Grant Select Committee (International Olympic Committee 2008)
    • Invited plenary speaker: European Capitals of Culture (Invitation to Speak, The State Government of North Rhine-Westphalia 2007)
    • Invited speaker: Social and Cultural Legacy Workshop (Invitation to Speak, UK Sport and PMP Legacy Ltd. 2007)
    • Keynote Speech: The impacts of culture led regeneration (Keynote Speech, Royal Society of Arts 2007)
    • Invited plenary Speaker: Cities and Cultural Industries (Invitation to Speak, Mayor of Istanbul 2007)
    • Keynote: Cultural Policy and Communal Goverment Reform (Keynote Speech, Danish Ministry of Culture 2007)
    • Keynote: Royal Society of Arts Lecture (Keynote Speech, Royal Society of Arts 2007)
    • Guest speech: Creative Clusters and DCMS special seminar (Invitation to Speak, Creative Clusters and DCMS 2007)
    • Invited Plenary Speaker: The New Media at the Olympics: Citizen Journalists and Non-accredited Media (Invitation to Speak, National Center for Radio and Television Studies, Communication University of China 2006)
    • 4th International Forum on the Beijing Olympic Games (Invitation to Speak, Humanistic Olympic Studies Centre, Renmin University, Beijing 2006)
    • Chair of Session: World Summit on Arts and Culture (Keynote Speech, International Federation of Arts Councils and Cultural Agencies 2006)
    • Invited plenary speaker: We Are The Media (Invitation to Speak, The Annenberg School of Communication, University of Pennsylvania 2006)
    • RCUK Academic Fellowship (Competitive Fellowship, University of Glasgow 2005)
    • Keynote Speech: The London Games of 2012 (Keynote Speech, Association of London Government 2005)

    Administrative Roles

    • Head of Research, Institute of Cultural Capital (www.iccliverpool.ac.uk)
    • Director of Impacts 08 - European Capital of Culture Research Programme (www.impacts08.net)

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