Photo of Dr Troy Manning

Dr Troy Manning BSc(Hons), PhD, MRSC, CChem

Research Co-ordinator (Rosseinsky Group) Chemistry


    Personal Statement

    Troy joined the Matt Rosseinsky’s group as a Research Coordinator in 2012, having previously worked for seven years at Pilkington/NSG as a Senior Technologist in the Thin Films Technology team. Prior to that Troy worked for two years in the labs of Prof Helen Aspinall and Prof Tony Jones at the University of Liverpool developing new ALD precursors for high-k dielectric films. His expertise is in inorganic synthesis and characterisation, especially as thin films (APCVD, AACVD, spray pyrolysis, flame pyrolysis, PLD).
    Troy obtained a First Class BSc in Chemistry from Birkbeck College London in 2000, then a PhD with Prof Ivan Parkin at University College London in 2004.
    Troy looks after the Thin Film, Photocatalysis, Bio-imaging nanoparticles, Correlated Organic Materials and part of the Solid-State Chemistry teams in the Rosseinsky group assisting with project management and supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as supporting PDRA research projects. He is particularly involved in the projects with industrial collaborators.