Photo of Dr Firdaus Parveen

Dr Firdaus Parveen PhD

Liverpool Digital Flow Centre Manager and Research Coordinator (Slater Group) Chemistry


Personal Statement

Dr Firdaus Parveen received her Master's degree in Chemistry (2011) and Doctorate in Chemical Engineering (2017) from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India. She was awarded a prestigious Shastri Indo Canadian research award in 2017 to work at USASK, Canada. She has also worked as an Assistant Professor at University of Delhi, India from 2017-18. She joined Imperial College of London as Research Associate in 2019 and worked with Prof Mimi Hii (ICL), Prof Klaus (ICL) and Prof J. Blacker (Leeds) on a collaborative project funded by UK catalysis hub. She has gained advanced experience of continuous flow chemistry, building flow set ups, robotic reactions, liquid and gas phase reactions, heterogenous catalysis, catalysts development and their characterization, high and low pressure reactions. She believes in work life balance and would like to visit new places and explore nature.