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Dr Daniel Harvey

Research Associate Chemistry


    Personal Statement

    Managing the operation and maintenance of the Ultra Mixing and Processing Facility (UMPF), with focus on the Controlled Deformation Dynamic Mixers (CDDMs), housed in the basement of the Robert Robinson Laboratories, Department of Chemistry (L69 7ZD). Working with both academia and industry, the UMPF is a facility at this crucial interface available to both as part of the University of Liverpool's Open Access Arrangement, and provides consultancy to both SMEs and Multi-National Corporations with formulation, processing, and scale-up problems.

    A brief summary of the work performed in the UMPF involves improving liquid formulations through unique processing techniques using the CDDMs; scale-up of reactions from bench-top microgram scale through to kg production, and subsequently tonne-per-hour production; as well as operation of automated high-throughput formulation and analytical platforms in the MIF to swiftly determine both processing and formulation parameters.

    Since 2017 worked with the following companies; Unilever, C-Tech Innovation, PRA, BASF, and PFLH-UK.

    In January 2017 returned to the University of Liverpool to work as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate running the experimental R&D within the UMPF on Innovate UK Project 102695, under the Academic Direction of Professor Dmitry Shchukin. Successes on this project include presenting work completed by the UMPF team at the 16th European Conference on Mixing, a journal publication in a special edition of Chemical Engineering and Technology, and a presention at “Innovations in Encapsulation 2019” organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry.
    The majority of work performed in the UMPF is subject to NDA and as such cannot be reported publicly, however work that has been cleared for publication is detailed on the "publications" tab above.

    Prior to working at the University of Liverpool spent 5 years working at Unilever R&D Port Sunlight. From January 2012 until December 2016 worked primarily in Hair CTI as an appraisal technologist performing quantitative analytical testing of products, and developing new and novel testing techniques, with focus on quantitative appearance measurements. In layman's terms putting actual numbers to claims that were developed "e.g. gives you 100% shinier hair" through use of the techniques developed.
    In September 2015 took a secondment to work in the Automation and Standardisation Team for a year, working on High-Throughput (HT) Formulation robotics and the development of Data-Capture software integration into analytical equipment. This refreshed knowledge of automation, taught about real-time data-capture techniques, while providing information regarding the latest developments in the field of HT.

    In 2014 awarded a doctorate of philosophy from the Department of Chemistry at the University of Liverpool, having written the thesis while working full time. My PhD placement was within the UMPF under the supervision of Professor Adam Kowalski, Professor Mathias Brust, and Dr Mike Egan. Worked in the UMPF from May 2008 until December 2011 and throughout postgraduate studies learned to specialise in process science and mixing, high-throughput robotics, automation, formulation chemistry, and most importantly to the UMPF; the scale-up of formulation chemistry from 8 mL vials to 500 kg/h pilot-plant rigs.

    Completed undergraduate degree in 2008, having spent a year in industry from 2006-2007 working at ACCI-UK performing endotoxin testing and analysis on prototype medicines, approved medication, and learning sterilisation techniques for replacement joints and surgical tools.
    BSc Honours project was the result of a successful application to be involved in research into the feasibility of the formation of gold-silver alloy nano-particles under the supervision of Professor Mathias Brust and Dr John Satherley. Upon completion of final exams immediately began working on a summer studentship placement at the newly created Ultra Mixing and Processing Facility (UMPF) under the supervision of Dr Mike Egan.