Photo of Dr Colin Crick

Dr Colin Crick

Lecturer Chemistry


Personal Statement

Dr. Crick received his PhD from University College London (UCL), Department of Chemistry, in 2011, where his research was specialised in novel water repellent materials. This has since developed into a passion for materials science, and the drive toward developing ever better functional materials. After undertaking positions at UCL, Cornell University, and Imperial College London, funded respectively by the EPSRC Doctoral Prize, Fulbright Scholarship, and Ramsay Memorial Trust, Dr. Crick is took up his position at the University of Liverpool in 2016. His present research focus not only includes water repellent materials, but also incorporates a wide array of materials based fields, including biosensors and nanocomposites, with a focus on projects that can readily provide real-world impact.

Prizes or Honours

  • Fulbright AstraZeneca Scholar Award (US-UK Fulbright Comission, 2012)
  • Doctoral Prize (EPSRC, 2011)

Funded Fellowships

  • Ramsay Fellowship (The Ramsay Trust, 2014)