Photo of Ms Silvia Zago

Ms Silvia Zago BA, MA, PhD

Lecturer in Egyptology Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology


Personal Statement

Silvia Zago holds a Ph.D. in Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations (Egyptology) from the University of Toronto ("Conceptualizing Life after Death: the Evolution of the Concept of Duat and Related Notions in Egyptian Funerary Literature", 2019). Before this, she received an MA in Languages and Cultures of the Near and Middle East (Egyptology) from the University of Pisa and graduated from Ca' Foscari University in Venice with a BA in Conservation of Cultural Heritage (Near Eastern Archaeology).
Her research focuses on the conceptions of the afterlife in ancient Egypt, with particular attention to the royal and non-royal funerary texts and their connection with the archaeological context in which they appear.