Prof Ian Shaw BA, MA, PhD

Reader in Egyptian Archaeology Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology


Personal Statement

I have maintained a diverse programme of research and publication since I was appointed to my current post. My current research interests are primarily concerned with different aspects of the material culture and socio-economics of ancient Egypt. I have particular interests in urbanisation in the Nile Valley (arising from my PhD on Amarna) and early materials, technology and innovation (arising from my post-doctoral studies of ancient quarrying and mining). My fieldwork has focussed over the last twenty years on human activity within desert landscapes, and I also have research interests in geoarchaeology, provenancing of materials, landscape studies, ethnic interactions at the peripheries of ancient cultures.

Personal Distinctions

  • Lecture at the Dutch/Flemish Institute in Cairo (Invitation to Speak, Dutch/Flemish Institute in Cairo (NVIC) 2011)
  • Lecture at the Egypt Exploration Society, Cairo (Invitation to Speak, Egypt Exploration Society 2011)
  • Lecture to Danish Egyptology Society (Invitation to Speak, Danish Egyptology Society 2010)
  • Chair of Egypt Exploration Society, 2007-2010 (Egypt Exploration Society, UK 2007)
  • New Fieldwork at Gurob Harem Palace: Guest Lecture (Invitation to Speak, Frei-Universitat, Berlin 2007)
  • 'Mining and frontier reinforcement', Invited Conference Paper (Invitation to Speak, University of Swa 2006)
  • Vice-Chair of the Egypt Exploration Society (2005-7) (Egypt Exploration Society 2005)

Administrative Roles

  • ACE Departmental Lead for Internationalisation (2013-14)
  • ACE Departmental Library Representative (2013-14) ACE Undergraduate Dissertations Lead (2013-14)

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