Dr Benjamin Cartlidge MA DPhil Oxon MA Köln

Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology


Personal Statement

I studied for a BA in Classics at Trinity College, Oxford, an MA in Ancient Greek and Comparative Philology (Indo-European linguistics) in Cologne, and a DPhil in Linguistics at Trinity College, Oxford. My MA research (supervised by Prof. J.L. García Ramón), focussed on Oscan and Umbrian onomastics, looking at word-formation patterns, etymology, and other historico-linguistic aspects of Italic names. My doctoral research (funded by the AHRC) was about the language of Menander, an Athenian comic poet in the 4th century B.C.; I was particularly interested in analysing what Menander's language tells us about the history of the Greek language in that period. After my doctorate, I taught Latin and Greek literature, Latin and Greek language, and comparative philology at St John's College, Oxford, as Lecturer in Classics and Faculty Language Instructor. Most of my role involved teaching beginners and people who had only recently begun learning Latin and/or Greek, encompassing grammar and reading classes, as well as more complex topics such as metre, prose and verse composition, and Greek accentuation. I also taught the full range of classical literature from Homer to Juvenal; my academic activities have spanned from Linear B tablets to Byzantine Greek texts. I moved to Liverpool in 2017 to begin a project about Athenaeus of Naucratis (3rd c. A.D.), in whom I have had an interest since 2012.