Postgraduate research scholarships and awards

As a postgraduate researcher, you'll be an integral part of our University community. Your research will help advance knowledge, improve lives, transform industries and shape the future. Whatever your specialism, we offer scholarships and awards to help you finance your studies.

Duncan Norman Research Scholarship A student prepares to work in a laboratory, taking a container out of a cupboard.

Duncan Norman Research Scholarship

If you're awarded our prestigious Duncan Norman Research Scholarship, you'll receive significant funding to support your postgraduate research.

Executive DBA students A business professional stands by a desk while working on a laptop.

Management School awards

A 15% tuition fee discount is available to Executive DBA students starting in September 2024. You may be eligible to combine this with an additional discount if you're a University of Liverpool graduate.

Other scholarships and awards Two students walking through the library carrying books.

Other scholarships and awards

A variety of other scholarships and country-specific awards are available for eligible postgraduate researchers. If you're from Merseyside, you could apply for the John Lennon Memorial Scholarship.