What is Clearing?

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The Clearing process

Clearing is the process where students without an offer can search and apply for undergraduate courses at Universities. The service is provided by UCAS and runs between July and September each year.

Who can use clearing?

You can use clearing if you aren't holding any offers to study at a University or College despite applying through UCAS.

You're eligible for clearing if:

  • You haven't received any offers
  • You declined the offers you received
  • You didn't meet the conditions of the offer
  • Your application was completed after 30 June.

If you meet the criteria above, UCAS will automatically place you into Clearing.

However, you can still be entered into Clearing if you have an offer. To do this you will need to release yourself into Clearing through UCAS.

How to apply for clearing at the University of Liverpool?

  1. Browse the list of clearing vacancies on our website. This will be available from 18th August.
  2. Fill in our application form (you will require your UCAS personal ID and exam results). You will be able to start your application for clearing courses from Monday 15th August. Applications can be submitted for UK Clearing from 8.30 am on Thursday 18th August.
  3. We will review your application and consider whether we are able to make you an offer.
  4. If we are able to make an offer you'll receive an email from us telling you what you need to do next.

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