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Em P Richard Gillespie BA Hons First Class, PhD

meritusProfessor Politics


Personal Statement

Professor Richard Gillespie held the established Chair of Politics at the University of Liverpool until 2017 and previously held posts at the Universities of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Oxford, Warwick and Portsmouth. Author of many books and articles on Spanish, Mediterranean and Latin American politics, his book on the Montonero guerrilla movement became a best-seller in Argentina. Since 2010 his research has focused primarily on Catalan politics and he is currently writing a book for Routledge on Barcelona, the Left and the Independence Movement in Catalonia.

Personal Distinctions

  • 'The ENP: Still Failing to Deliver on Democracy Support in North Africa' (Invitation to Speak, LSE 2012)
  • 'National Agendas and Intergovernmentalism in European Responses to the Arab Uprisings' (Invitation to Speak, School of Oriental and African Studies, London 2012)
  • 'EU Foreign Policy: The View from the Mediterranean' (Invitation to Speak, LSE 2012)
  • 'The Middle East and Europe: Further Disengagement or Renewed Partnership?' (Invitation to Speak, Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and University of Southern Denmark 2011)
  • 'The Union for the Mediterranean' (Invitation to Speak, Centre for European Policy Studies, Brussels 2011)
  • 'Getting Published in the Mediterranean' (Invitation to Speak, Chios Institute for Mediterranean Affairs 2011)
  • 'Spain in Europe and the World' (Invitation to Speak, St Antony's College, Oxford 2010)
  • 'Euro-Mediterranean Relations and Middle East Peace Diplomacy: Changing Dynamics under the UfM?' (Invitation to Speak, Centre for Strategic Studies, University of Jordan, and Danish Jordanian University Cooperation 2010)
  • 'Interpreting the Union for the Mediterranean - A European Retreat from Region-building?' (Invitation to Speak, Minda de Gunzburg Centre for European Studies, Harvard University 2010)
  • 'Spain 2010 - Pressures, Risks and Opportunities' (Invitation to Speak, British-Spanish All Party Parliamentary Group, House of Lords 2010)
  • 'The UfM: Co-ownership as an early test for the Lisbon Treaty' (Invitation to Speak, LSE 2010)
  • 'La agenda de investigación sobre el Mediterráneo ante la Presidencia española de la UE' (Invitation to Speak, Real Instituto Elcano, Madrid 2009)
  • 'Spain's Plans for its EU Presidency' (Invitation to Speak, European Research Institute, University of Birmingham 2009)
  • Invited to Malta to give keynote address and to brief diplomats on the Union for the Mediterranean (British Council 2008)
  • 'Adrift in the Mediterranean - Spain's Declining International Influence?' (Keynote Speech, Association for Contemporary Iberian Studies 2008)
  • 'Europa y el Mediterráneo en 2008' (Invitation to Speak, Universidad de Zaragoza 2008)
  • 'The EU as a Global Actor in the Mediterranean' (Invitation to Speak, Universita di Catania 2008)
  • 'The Barcelona Process - What Next for the Mediterranean?' (Invitation to Speak, British Council, Malta 2008)
  • Debate on the Union for the Mediterranean (Invitation to Speak, Maison Francais and St Antony's College, Oxford 2008)
  • 'España y el proceso euromediterráneo' (Invitation to Speak, European Institute for the Mediterranean, Barcelona 2008)
  • 'The Barcelona Process - What Next for the Mediterranean?' (Keynote Speech, British Council, Malta 2008)
  • Contribution of short course to doctoral programme on International Mediterranean Studies. (Invitation to Perform, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid 2007)
  • 'The Mediterranean: still a priority for Spain?' (Invitation to Speak, FCO, London 2007)
  • 'The Role of Universities in Building a Strong Euro-Mediterranean Research Area' (Keynote Speech, Invited by British Council 2006)
  • Co-Organiser of UK-Spain 'Encuentro' on "Researching the Mediterranean" (Invitation to Perform, British Council, Madrid 2006)

Administrative Roles

  • Co-Director of the Europe and the World Centre, University of Liverpool

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