Photo of Professor Tim Veal

Professor Tim Veal MPhys PhD FHEA MInstP

Professor of Materials Physics Physics


    Thermal Physics

    Different aspects of thermal physics are addressed: (i) classical thermodynamics which deals with macroscopic properties, such as pressure, volume and temperature - the underlying microscopic physics is not included; (ii) kinetic theory of gases describes the properties of gases in terms of probability distributions associated with the motions of individual molecules; and (iii) statistical mechanics which starts from a microscopic description and then employs statistical methods to derive macroscopic properties.

    Year 3 laboratories

    Laboratory demonstrating, particularly the Zeeman effect and scanning tunnelling microscopy experiments.

    Final year MPhys and BSc project supervision

    Supervision of projects on semiconductor research, including transparent conductors, solar cell materials and photoemission spectroscopy.

    Modules for 2021-22

    Nanoscale Physics and Technology

    Module code: PHYS499

    Role: Teaching


    Module code: PHYS306

    Role: Teaching

    Surfaces and Interfaces

    Module code: PHYS381

    Role: Teaching

    Thermal Physics and Properties of Matter

    Module code: PHYS102

    Role: Module Co-ordinator