Photo of Dr Andrew Low

Dr Andrew Low

Lecturer Physics


Personal Statement

I am a lecturer in physics and member of the physics education research group. I graduated with an MPhys in Theoretical Physics from Durham University before completing a PhD in Theoretical Physics at QMUL. Since completing my PhD, I have dedicated my life to physics education and the development of original teaching methods. I spent several years working as a secondary school physics teacher and Head of Department in London. I joined the Department of Physics, University of Liverpool, in May 2022.

My current interests in physics education research focus on:

- The use of undergraduate paired mentoring to support GCSE students from economic investment areas (The ASCENTS project).
- Uncovering educational awarding gaps and 'unaccounted for' grade inflation within UK institutions.
- The factors that impact student outcomes in undergraduate and postgraduate physics.
- The use of AI as a learning support tool.
- The development of original insights into the derivation and explanation of physics results for pedagogical teaching purposes.