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Prof Ronan McGrath BA, PhD

Professor Physics


Personal Statement

Please see my personal site for further details of research interests.

Personal Distinctions

  • Plenary Lecture, 22nd IUCr Congress, Madrid (Keynote Speech, International Union of Crystallography 2011)
  • Departmental Colloquium, Physics Department, Warwick University (Invitation to Speak, Physics, Warwick 2011)
  • Invited lecture, ECOSS conference, Wroclaw (Invitation to Speak, ECOSS 2011)
  • Keynote Lecture, The International Conference on the Advancement of Materials and Nanotechnology (Keynote Speech, Kuala Lumper, Malaysia 2010)
  • Keynote lecture, International school on aperiodic crystals, La Valeiranne-Carqueiranne (Keynote Speech, International Union of Crystallography 2010)
  • Frontiers in modern physics and its applications, Krakow (Keynote Speech, AGI University Krakow 2009)
  • Plenary Lecture, 1st Internat. Conference on Complex Metallic Alloys and their Complexity, Nancy, (Keynote Speech, CNRS Nancy 2009)
  • Departmental colloquium, Southampton University (Invitation to Speak, Southampton University 2009)
  • Royal Society of Chemistry Solid Surfaces Group 1-day meeting on Novel Surface Structures (Invitation to Speak, Royal Society of Chemistry 2009)
  • Departmental Colloquium, Queen Mary (Invitation to Speak, Queen Mary 2008)
  • UK Surface Analysis Forum (Invitation to Speak, UK Surface Analysis Forum 2008)
  • Departmental Colloquium, University of Cambridge (Invitation to Speak, University of Cambridge 2008)
  • European School in Materials Science, Ljubljana (Invitation to Speak, Josef Stefan Institute 2008)
  • Invited lecture, Nanoscale Physics and Technology Group, Nottingham (Invitation to Speak, Institute of Physics 2007)
  • Invited talk, Next Generation Materials Characterisation (Invitation to Speak, University of Manchester 2007)
  • Invited Keynote Lecture, Quasicrystals - The silver jubilee, Tel Aviv (Keynote Speech, Tel Aviv 2007)
  • Invited seminar, Exeter University (Invitation to Speak, Exeter University 2007)
  • Invited Talk, Technical University of Chemnitz (Invitation to Speak, Chemnitz University 2006)
  • Invited talk, American Vacuum Society, Boston (Invitation to Speak, American Vacuum Society 2005)
  • Invited talk, XX International Union of Crystallography Congress, Florence (Invitation to Speak, International Union of Crystallography 2005)
  • Invited Talk, European Conference on Surface Science (ECOSS-23), Berlin (Invitation to Speak, European Conference on Surface Science (ECOSS-23) 2005)
  • Invited talk, 13th Interdisciplinary Surface Science Conference, Cardiff June 2005 (Invitation to Speak, Institute of Physics 2005)
  • Invited talk, German Physical Society Spring Meeting, Berlin (Invitation to Speak, German Physics Society 2005)
  • Departmental colloquium, Durham University (Invitation to Speak, Durham University 2005)
  • Annual Materials Lecture, Royal Microscopical Society, Oxford (Keynote Speech, Royal Microscopical Society, Oxford 2005)
  • Fellow of the Institute of Physics (Institute of Physics 2002)

Administrative Roles

  • Head of the School of Physical Sciences

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