Photo of Dr Oliver Fischer

Dr Oliver Fischer

Lecturer in Fundamental Particle Physics Mathematical Sciences


Personal Statement

My job history:

2020/08 - present Junior Lecturer Liverpool
2019/11 - 2020/07 Postdoctoral researcher MPIK Heidelberg
2017/09 - 2019/10 Postdoctoral researcher Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
2016/10 - 2017/06 Principal investigator University Basel
2014/03 - 2017/08 Postdoctoral researcher University Basel
2013/07 - 2014/02 Postdoctoral researcher University Freiburg
2008/10 - 2013/06 PhD (Jochum van der Bij) University Freiburg
2007/07 - 2008/08 Diploma (Jochum van der Bij) University Freiburg

I am/have been working on the following subjects:
Dark matter; neutrino mass physics; (BSM) Higgs phenomenology; future colliders; new physics in cosmic rays.

I contribute to the following collaborations:

- FCC (member of collaboration board, section co-editor/contributing to CDR)
- LHeC/FCC-eh (convenor of the BSM group, co-editor of the CDR update document)
- CEPC (contributing to CDR)
- MATHUSLA (contributing to CDR)
- DUNE (collaboration member BSM group)