Research Areas

Our directions of research cover string theory compactifications, supersymmetric field theories, black holes physics, beyond the standard model physics, alternative formulation of quantum mechanics and searching for various mathematical avenues to make connections between string theory and the real world.

Our Researchers


Prof Ignatios Antoniadis

Quantum Field Theory

Particle physics phenomenology

Quantum Gravity


String Theory

Prof Alon Faraggi

Theoretical particle physics

Unification of fundamental matter and interactions

String theory

Phenomenological and cosmological implications of string theory

Physics beyond the standard model and collider phenomenology

Foundations of quantum mechanics and quantum gravity

Dr Thomas Mohaupt

Exact solutions to gauged and ungauged supergravity, and as well to other gravitational theories

Integrability in supergravity and string theory, in particular linear systems and Riemann-Hilbert problems

Black hole entropy, black hole partition functions and their relation to the topological string

Instantons in string theory, Euclidean supersymmetry

Vacuum selection in string theory, its possible relation to inflation and dark energy

Geometry of supergravity and string theory: space-time geometry, geometry of couplings

Dr Susha Parameswaran

String theory, supergravity and branes

Interplay between string theory, cosmology and particle physics

Dark energy theory

Early Universe cosmology, inflation

Primordial black holes, gravitational waves

Supersymmetry breaking

Dr Juri Smirnov 

Dark matter

Standard Model-like complex Dark sectors



Atomic physics

Dr Radu Tatar

F-theory compactifications

Brane configurations and SUSY field theories

Geometric constructions of strongly coupled field theories

Nilpotent orbits for 3d gauge theories

Seiberg dualities and their geometric interpretations

Dr Benjamin Percival

Worldsheet String Constructions

Classifying the String Landscape

Non-supersymmetric Strings

Machine Learning and SAT/SMT Solver applications to String Phenomenology

Moduli fixing and stability

Dr Anton Sokolov 

Axion physics

Light dark sectors

Magnetic monopoles and duality

Astroparticle physics

Gravitational waves

Dr Ningqiang Song 

Dark matter


Beyond the Standard Model phenomenology

Large extra dimensions, black holes

Martin Hurtado

Spinor-Vector Dualitiy in smooth compactifications

Geometry of Heterotic Calabi-Yau Compactifications

Toric Resolutions of Heterotic Orbifolds

Algebraic Geometry and String Theory

Viktor Matyas

String theory compactifications, dualities and related geometry

String partition functions and their symmetries

Holography and the AdS/CFT correspondence

Quantum information theory and holographic entanglement entropy

Geometric and topological structures in QFT and string theory

Horia Nicolaescu 

Axion dark matter

Hierarchy problem


Bruno Bento

String theory, supergravity and flux compactifications

Cosmology (de Sitter, dark energy, quintessence)

Braneworld models (gravitational signatures)

Effective Field Theory

Causal Set Theory

Maxime Médevielle

Geometry of supergravity and string theory (Special Geometry, Extended Field Theories)

Timelike T-duality and signature change

Calabi-Yau compactifications

String Field Theory

Marco Serra

String phenomenology

Non-supersymmetric string models

Alonzo Diaz

String theory, compactifications and supersymmetry breaking

String Phenomenology and the Standard model

Farid Ibrahimov 

String Theory

String Phenomenology


Joaquim Gomes

Interplay between quantum gravity and cosmology

Dark Energy


Primordial black holes as dark matter

Matas Mackevicius

String Theory

Eman Basaad

String Theory