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View some of our recent papers from the String and Beyond the Standard Model Phenomenology Group in the Division of Theoretical Physics


Resurgence of a de Sitter Glauber-Sudarshan State: Nodal Diagrams and Borel Resummation
Radu Tatar, Suddhasattwa Brahma, Keshav Dasgupta, Mir-Mehedi Faruk, Bohdan Kulinich, Viraj Meruliya, Brent Pym

The fate of discrete torsion on resolved heterotic Z2×Z2

orbifolds using (0,2) GLSMs
Alon Faraggi, Stefan Groot-Nibbelink, Martin Hurtado Heredia

White Dwarfs in Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies: A New Class of Compact-Dark-Matter Detectors
Juri Smirnov, Ariel Goobar, Tim Linden, Edvard Mörtsell

The Dark Universe: Primordial Black Hole

Dark Graviton Gas Connection
Luis Anchordoqui, Ignatios Antoniadis, Dieter Lust

Light Dark Matter Accumulating in Terrestrial Planets: Nuclear Scattering
Joseph Bramante, Jason Kumar, Gopolang Mohlabeng, Nirmal Raj, Ningqiang Song

Massive gravitino scattering amplitudes and the unitarity cutoff of the new Fayet-Iliopoulos terms
Ignatios Antoniadis, Anthony Guillen, François Rondeau

Updated and novel limits on double beta decay and dark matter-induced processes in platinum
B. Broerman, M. Laubenstein, S. Nagorny, S. Nisi, Ningqiang Song, A.C. Vincent

Floating Dark Matter in Celestial Bodies
Rebecca K. Leane, Juri Smirnov

Closed string theory without level-matching at the free level
Harold Erbin, Maxime Médevielle

Late time acceleration in Palatini gravity
Ignatios Antoniadis, Anthony Guillen, Kyriakos Tamvakis

Spinor-Vector Duality and the Swampland
Alon E. Faraggi

The Dark Dimension, the Swampland, and the Dark Matter Fraction Composed of Primordial Black Holes
Luis Anchordoqui, Ignatios Antoniadis, Dieter Lust

Z's and sterile neutrinos from heterotic string models: Z's exploring mass exclusion limits
Alon E. Faraggi, Marco Guzzi

Challenges in supersymmetric cosmology
Ignatios Antoniadis, Auttakit Chatrabhuti
PoS DISCRETE2020-2021 (2022)

Localizing branes with bifurcating bulks
Ignatios Antoniadis, Spiros Cotsakis, John Miritzis

Anomalous U(1)

Gauge Bosons and String Physics at the Forward Physics Facility
Luis A. Anchordoqui, Ignatios Antoniadis, Karim Benakli, Dieter Lust

Gravity at the Tip of the Throat
Bruno Valeixo Bento, Dibya Chakraborty, Susha Parameswaran, Ivonne Zavala


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