Photo of Dr Yan Li

Dr Yan Li PhD, MSc, BSc

Senior Lecturer in Economics Economics


    Personal Statement

    Dr Yan Li joined the University of Liverpool Management School as Associate Professor in 2013. Before that, she lectured at University of East Anglia and Swansea University. She is an applied industrial economist with theoretical strength in industrial economics and regulatory economics. She has developed three main research areas: evaluation of regulatory policy, economic performance of network/utility industries (incl. energy, telecoms, transport and banking), and strategic brand management and choice. In addition to the applied IO theory, she main field of expertise is in econometrics, especially in panel-data analysis, issues in time series data analysis, and efficiency and productivity analyses (i.e., the benchmarking frontier-based methodologies, including both DEA and SFA).
    She has published papers in many international journals, including International Journal of Industrial Organization, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Competition Law and Economics, Journal of Marketing Management, European Journal of Marketing, etc. She has also been actively involved with academic community by presenting papers in many leading international conferences and workshops. She is also refereeing for International Journal of Industrial Organization; European Journal of Operational Research; Journal of Business Research; Regulation and Governance; Energy Policy; The Energy Journal; Asia Pacific Business Review. (Full details of her publications and relevant research activities are available in her CV).

    - Director of Education for Economics