Photo of Professor Ian Burn

Professor Ian Burn PhD

Chair in Applied Microeconomics Economics


Economics of Discrimination

My work on the economics of discrimination examines the causes and consequences of discrimination in the economy. Through understanding the ways that stereotypes and prejudice lead to inequality, my work helps illustrate the mechanisms through which diversity and equality initiatives operate to reduce discrimination.

This work has been published prestigious journals such as the Journal of Political Economy, American Economic Review, Journal of Labor Economics, Journal of Law and Economics, ILR Review, and British Journal of Industrial Relations.

Economics of Ageing

With population ageing leading to increased pressure on the social safety net, understanding the economic lives of older individuals is crucial. My work on the economics of ageing focuses on understanding how older workers transition from full employment to retirement, especially focusing on bridge jobs and partial retirement. My expertise is in researching the role of age discrimination on this transition process.

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Economics

The economic lives of LGBT+ individuals is a field of economics which often does not get much attention. My work seeks to understand the socioeconomic standing of the LGBT+ community. My work touches on education, health, and labor market outcomes.