Photo of Dr Hammad Akbar

Dr Hammad Akbar

Senior Lecturer in Management Strategy, IB and Entrepreneurship


Selected Publications

  1. Knowledge Levels and their Transformation: Towards the Integration of Knowledge Creation and Individual Learning* (Journal article - 2003)
  2. An Exploration of New Product Development's Front‐end Knowledge Conceptualization Process in Discontinuous Innovations (Journal article - 2013)
  3. Charting the organisational knowledge-creation process: An innovation-process perspective (Journal article - 2013)
  4. Project-conceptualisation in technological innovations: A knowledge-based perspective (Journal article - 2014)
  5. Absorptive capacity and performance: The role of customer relationship and technological capabilities in high-tech SMEs (Journal article - 2015)
  6. Feedback Loops as Dynamic Processes of Organizational Knowledge Creation in the Context of the Innovations’ Front-end (Journal article - 2018)
  7. Defying Contextual Embeddedness: Evidence from Displaced Women Entrepreneurs in Jordan (Journal article - 2018)
  8. Systems thinking and absorptive capacity in high-tech SMEs: Evidence from South Korea (Journal article - 2019)
  9. A Multi-level Perspective on Trust, Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing Cultures in a Highly Formalized Organization (Journal article - 2021)
  10. Women's leadership gamut in Saudi Arabia's higher education sector (Journal article - 2023)