Mr Nelson Becerra-Gonzalez BA, MA, MPhil

Lecturer in Latin American Spanish Language and Culture Languages, Cultures and Film


    Personal Statement

    Nelson is a Lecturer in Latin American Spanish Language and Culture. He studied at the UPTC Colombia before moving to England where he studied an MA in Economics and Social Studies and an MPhil in Latin American Studies, both at The University of Manchester. Before coming to Liverpool in 2006, he taught Spanish Language, translation and Latin American culture and society at The University of Manchester and at Bristol University.

    He currently teaches Spanish and Latin American Culture at Liverpool University and is the Director of the Latin American Year abroad. His research interests include Technology enhanced Learning – TEL, Translation and Interpreting in the undergraduate curriculum and Latin American Spanish and culture. He has recently developed a student exchange programme using technology between universities in the UK, Latin America and Spain, to prepare students for the year abroad, enhance cultural awareness and improve linguistic skills.