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High Performance Computing (HPC)

High Performance Computing (HPC) facilities are provided to support research in areas which require greater computational power than is available through the general Sun UNIX and MWS services.

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High Throughput Computing (HTC)

High Throughput Computing is designed for applications where tasks need to be performed completely independently. The service is available in the form of a Condor pool, allowing users to run job concurrently on over 500 Managed Windows Service (MWS) classroom PCs. The advantage of this approach is that many years of computing time can be accrued in just a few days of real time.

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Grid computing

Grid computing allows users to run applications (i.e. jobs) on remote computing resources and provides a way of moving significant amounts of associated data around easily using standard procedures without the need for detailed knowledge of the underlying hardware and software infrastructure. Computing Services is the local Registration Authority for user certificates needed to access such facilities, but you must apply directly to groups such as GridPP and EGI.