photogrammetry of Egyptian cat skull

Photogrammetry Team Funders

The group and its projects have been supported by various funding bodies. Their generous support has made all of our work possible.

University of Liverpool Alumni and Friends Fund provided extensive start-up funding for cameras and equipment in 2019–2020. They also very kindly continued to fund us with additional equipment to facilitate further expansions of our activities in 2020–2021. Without the Alumni and Friends Fund the Photogrammetry Team would not be what it is today.

University of Liverpool Beacon Project Fund for building innovative teaching methods and student experience provided funding for Photogrammetry infrastructure and the development of teaching materials.

University of Liverpool Undergraduate Research Scheme provided funding for a student project. 

The Art Fund provided extensive support for the Museums of the North West Photogrammetry Hub: building virtual 3D futures project, which forms the foundations of a collaborative network for the training and application of photogrammetry to culturally important collections across the North West of the UK. 

The Horsfall Endowment funded additional photogrammetry equipment in the Garstang Museum of Archaeology as part of the wider infrastructure for the Museums of the North West Photogrammetry Hub.

Kirsten Suenson-Taylor, alumna of the Department of Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology, generously supported the set-up of the Museums of the North West Photogrammetry Hub and the Photogrammetry Team’s work within it.

The Leverhulme Trust funded the founding member, Dr. Ardern Hulme-Beaman and his project research, from which a number of student research projects arose.

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