Prof Pauline Stafford MA D Phil

Emeritus Professor, Early Medieval History, especially women History


Personal Statement

I work on the history of women and gender, and on politics more generally, in England from the eighth to the early twelfth centuries, and on these same topics in Frankish history of the eighth and ninth centuries. I have particular interests in power and authority.

Other Personal Distinctions

  • Invited speaker (University of Padua, Conference on ¿Unequal opportunities. The representation of female performance in the Early Middle Ages¿, 2005)
  • Invites speaker, ¿Women in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles¿ (University of Edinburgh, EMERGE , 2003)
  • Invited speaker, ¿The Problems of Queenship in tenth- and eleventh-century England (Leeds International Medieval Conference , 2003)
  • Invited speaker ¿Writing the biography of medieval women¿ (University of Exeter, Conference on Writing medieval Biography , 2003)
  • Invited speaker ¿Gender and Conquest in eleventh-century England¿ (University of Edinburgh - Denis Hay Seminar, 2003)
  • ¿ Invited speaker, session on Gender and Power (Berkshire International Conference on the History of Women, University of Connecticut, 2002)
  • ¿ Invited speaker, Past and Present Conference ¿ Gender session ¿Gender and Conquest in eleventh-cen (Anglo-American Conference, IHR, 2002)
  • ¿ Invited respondent, ¿Family and Locality¿, (International Medieval Congress, Leeds, 2001)
  • Invitation to respond, ESF Funded Conference, ¿Civitas, Communitas, Universitas: a thousand years of ( CEU, Budapest,, 2001)
  • ¿ Invited speaker, day Conference on ¿Women, Patronage and agency¿ (University of Manchester, 2001)