Photo of Professor Francisco Rowe

Professor Francisco Rowe PhD

Professor in Population Data Science Geography and Planning


Personal Statement

Francisco Rowe is Professor in Population Data Science and the Lead of the Geographic Data Science Lab at the Department of Geography and Planning within the University of Liverpool. His areas of expertise are: internal & international migration; human mobility; and geographic data science. Francisco is featured in the Experts Database of the United Nations Network on Migration and two of his projects on Big Data, machine learning and migration are listed in the Data Innovation Directory of the International Organization for Migration. He has been invited to present his research at the United Nations Population & Development Division in New York and works closely with the Global Migration Data Analysis Centre within International Organization for Migration, the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, the UK2070 Commission, UK’s government organisations, including the Ordnance Survey and the ONS Data Campus, and commercial companies, Geolytix. His work contributed to the United Nations Expert group meeting on `sustainable cities, human mobility and international migration', and the ONS Government Statistical Service Advisory Committee. Francisco is the current managing editor of REGION (2022-present), the journal of the European Regional Science Association (2018-present) and social media editor at the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A (2021-present). The international reach of his research has been recognised by an award for the best paper published in the journal of Geographical Systems (2021) and in Spatial Economic Analysis (2018) and having top articles in the top 10 most read articles in Spatial Economic Analysis (2017-present), Transportation Research Part C (2018-2019) & Population Studies (2018-present).

Prizes or Honours

  • Award - Outstanding contribution to Research (School of Environmental Sciences, 2023)
  • Staff Awards - "Partnership of the year". Finalist shortlisting. Geographic Data Science Lab. (University of Liverpool, 2022)
  • Staff Awards - "Research Impact of the Year" - Finalist shortlisting. Geographic Data Science Lab (University of Liverpool, 2022)
  • Best paper 2020 - Journal of Geographical Systems (Editors - Journal of Geographical Systems, 2021)