Prof Gordon Tatlock BSc, PhD, FInst P, CPhys, FIMMM, CEng, FRMS

Henry Bell Wortley Professor of Materials Engineering Mechanical, Materials & Aerospace Eng


    Personal Distinctions

    • Invited Talk (Invitation to Speak, ICMCTF conference, San Diego, USA 2017)
    • Invited Talk (Keynote Speech, High temperature Corrosion and Protection Conference, Les Embiez, France 2016)
    • Invited Talk (Invitation to Speak, ARRMA 2016, Mumbai, India 2016)
    • Elected Chair (Gordon Research Conference on High Temperature Corrosion, New Hampshire, USA 2015)
    • Invited talk (Invitation to Speak, Asian Coalition for Climate and Energy, Shanghai, China 2011)
    • Invited talk (Invitation to Speak, Nuclear Materials Workshop, US Department of Energy 2010)
    • Invited talk (Invitation to Speak, EFDA 2010)
    • Invited talk (Invitation to Speak, Conference on Grain Boundary Segregation , Institute of Materials Minerals and Mining 2009)
    • Keynote Speech (Keynote Speech, Gordon Research Organisation 2009)

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