About us

Workforce development and training at the University of Liverpool - the entire breadth of knowledge of one of the UK’s most prestigious universities channelled into your specific business challenge.

The University of Liverpool offers a range of strategic workforce development and training options designed to help organisations and individuals improve efficiency, fill skills or knowledge gaps and put them ahead in the marketplace.

Members of our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) team constantly consult with industry so we anticipate and understand upcoming business challenges and adapt our industry-led core learning offer accordingly.

We also offer a bespoke training solution. Our approach is to form a strategic partnership with an individual business to understand their needs, then work with relevant learning teams from across the University to design, develop and deliver tailored learning programmes which provide outstanding return on investment. We build programmes with you, for you.

When you choose to work with the University of Liverpool for workforce development, you’re tapping into expertise from specialists across all our faculties and departments, facilities that are second to none and quality-assured teaching and materials

Part of the world-renowned Russell Group, we’ve harnessed our academic and business experience to develop a range of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes of the highest quality.

We’ve forged strong international business connections and collaborated with organisations across a wide variety of industrial sectors to enrich their workforce and achieve their objectives.

Our high quality CPD courses

The University’s CPD training courses provide organisations of all sizes access to a wide range of expertise; transforming ideas into creative new solutions, technologies, strategies, applications, products and skills.

Each of our courses is subjected to rigorous academic and professional scrutiny. We make sure that whether the training is credit bearing or not, once an individual has completed the course, they can add true value to their organisation and industry.

Our flexible and innovative Continuing Professional Development courses can help commercial and public sector organisations to maximise return on investment and future proof their businesses.

Our collaborative partnerships

Our expert CPD team works with businesses to first understand their needs and ambitions. Then, we can help them to select appropriate courses, or create their own from scratch.

It’s an on-going partnership, based on the sole aim of enriching your organisation to better compete in an uncertain business climate.

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