Photo of Em P Frans Coenen

Em P Frans Coenen

Professor of Computer Science Computer Science


Personal Statement

Frans Coenen has a thirty-year research track record in AI, machine learning and big data analytics. He is currently particularly interested in machine learning and big data analytics in the context of unusual data sets, such as: (i) graphs and social networks, (ii) time series, (iii) free text of all kinds, (iv) 2D and 3D images, particularly medical images, and (v) video data. He is also interested in data mining over encrypted data and applications of machine learning in the fields of personalised health, infectious diseases and AI and Law. He currently leads a small team (7 PhDs and 3 RAs) working on many aspects of data mining and machine learning. He has been on the programme committees for many machine learning events and is pleased to have been the founder of the UK KDD (Knowledge Discovery in Data) symposia series which is now in its thirteenth year. He is also very honoured to have been invited to present a two-week machine learning lecture series on Havana, Cuba, on behalf of CENATAV. Frans Coenen is a member of the IFIP WG12.2 --- Machine Learning and Data Mining group.

In the context of AI Frans Coenen is a member of the British Computer Society (BCS) Specialist Group in AI (BCS-SGAI). He has been involved, in various capacities (chair, co-chair, technical programme chair, deputy technical programme chair) with the British Computer Societies (BCS) annual international AI conferences. For many years (1998-2009) he was a key figure on the BCS-SGAI committee, which he was invited to join; and was founder and first editor of Expert Update, the SGAI magazine. He is also on the editorial board for the Journal of Knowledge and Information systems and for the Knowledge Engineering review.

Frans Coenen's current funded research is founded on three Innovate UK projects and a BBSRC project, working on the application of machine learning techniques to extract information from legal documents and on intelligent agents directed at the smart utilisation of data from laboratory analytical instruments. He has a strong track record of attracting grant funding with some twenty previous funded research projects to date.

Frans Coenen has some 360 refereed research papers published in international journals and conference proceedings (plus several books).

He has made presentations at many international conferences and workshops.