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Prof Simon Higgins

Professor Chemistry


    Personal Statement

    My research interests are in synthetic chemistry applied to organic and molecular electronics. With colleagues in Liverpool, we study the electrical properties of individual molecules (using methods based on scanning tunneling microscopy) and how these properties vary with the structure of the molecules. We are also interested in the synthesis of semiconducting polymers for applications in organic electronic devices, but also more widely as (electro)catalyst supports. More details can be found here

    Personal Distinctions

    • FUNMOLS EU Network meeting, Copenhagen (Invitation to Speak, FUNMOLS Coordinator, Prof. Martin Bryce 2009)
    • IUPAC conference, Glasgow (Invitation to Speak, IUPAC conference organisers 2009)
    • 'Functionalised PEDOTs for biosensing' (Invitation to Speak, Discussion meeting on role of electrochemistry in biosensors, fuel cells and ionic liquids, Mumbai, India 2006)
    • 'Conducting polymers for electrochemical sensors' (Invitation to Speak, 2nd International Plastic Electronics Conference, Frankfurt 2006)
    • 'PEDOT-based biosensors' (Keynote Speech, 10th Asian Conference on Solid State Ionics, Kandy, Sri Lanka 2006)
    • Lecture, Regioregular polyalkylthiophenes and related systems for protein and DNA oligomer sensing (Invitation to Speak, RSC 2005)

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