Photo of Dr Kayto Tang

Dr Kayto Tang PhD

Research Associate Chemistry


Personal Statement

Kayto had done her MEng and PhD in chemical engineering and analytical science at the University of Manchester. Her PhD involved the study of cells associated with urological cancers using both Raman and FTIR techniques. In collaboration with the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute, she investigated a series of prostate and bladder cells lines that represent those cells that might be found in urine samples and using a chemometric approach. Also, she interfaced a microfluidic platform to the Raman system to study the uptake of dietary fatty acids by prostate cancer cells, which has implications for prostate cancer progression. She also worked as a PDRA at the University of Manchester after graduated from her PhD, which was a project funded by AstraZeneca as an extension of an EPSRC Impact Acceleration Award (IAA), for the research and development of novel fluorescence-based process analytical technology for on-line measurement in the pharmaceutical industry.