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Dr John Claridge DPhil

Reader Chemistry


    Personal Statement

    Doctor John Bleddyn Claridge has a DPhil from the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory the University of Oxford partially funded by British Gas. This was completed under the supervision of Prof. Malcolm L.H. Green FRS developing alternative methane reforming catalysts as well as the synthesis and characterisation of carbide and nitride catalysts and new forms of carbon. He then spent just over two years as a post-doc working at the University of South Carolina in Columbia S.C. with Prof. Hans-Conrad zur Loye working synthesis properties and crystallography of low dimensional oxide materials, including work on a large family of incommensurate composite crystals related to the 2H perovskite, returning to the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory to work on heterogeneous catalysts and carbon nanotubes again with Prof. Green.
    In December 1999 he was appointed to a lectureship in the Department of Chemistry of the University of Liverpool where he has been ever since, and was promoted to Reader in 2009. His research interests cover a broad range inorganic materials chemistry including multiferroics, materials for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC), materials for energy applications, superconductors and lead free ferroelectrics, high-pressure phases. In addition to conventional Bragg powder diffraction he is also interested in the application of higher dimensional crystallography, maximum entropy and total scattering techniques to understanding structure property relationships in functional materials.