Photo of Mr Nick Greer

Mr Nick Greer BEng(Hons), MA, SF HEA

Liverpool Online Academic Manager Centre For Innovation In Education


Personal Statement

I manage the academic operations of Liverpool Online and support the development of blended and hybrid curriculum within the Centre for Innovation in Education, with responsibility for the sustained development of a range of teaching and learning processes and systems which sit at the heart of one of Europe’s most successful and continually evolving online higher education provisions. My role draws upon my previous responsibilities as a Director of Studies for two online programmes and extensive experience as chair of two Boards of Examiners covering both campus based and online programmes, and I chair the Liverpool Online Research Ethics Committee.

Achieving Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (Advance HE), I am recognised for my abilities in nurturing the very best from diverse, cross-partnership teams. My approach aims to capitalise on individual strengths and identify resources, ultimately empowering individuals to apply the experience, skills, expertise and intuition that they have developed over time.

I draw upon a breadth of senior level interdisciplinary experience over more than ten years in a research-intensive higher education institution, with this building upon the systems orientated nature of my previous experience. My passion for the adoption of an integrated approach facilitates effective partnerships and cuts through traditional barriers, enabling the operational delivery to fully realise and further inform the development of the institutional strategy.